The aim of the game

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The Taxi Board game is a fun family game containing local history and general knowledge questions specific to each City edition.

The questions cover a variety of topics including:

  • a City’s early development
  • its current celebrities
  • all sporting achievements
  • places of entertainment and
  • significant events through-out its history.

Land on any of the “Tourist Question” squares, and, in order to collect a tip at the end of your fare, you must correctly answer the next question in the pile. Each question answered correctly will earn either a £2 tip or a £4 tip.

Like a real cabbie… ‘The better your knowledge, the better the tips, the more you will earn’.

Examples of Questions from the London Taxi Board game

£2 Tip: By what name is ’30 St Mary Axe’ better known to Londoners?
A. The Gherkin
£4 Tip: Name the Toy Shop on Regent Street reputed to be the world’s oldest?
A. Hamleys.

Sound Off cards

As every taxi passenger knows, many cabbies have an opinion on every subject. Land on one of the “Sound Off” squares and it’s your chance to show your knowledge, or lack of knowledge, about one of 100 random subjects. A player will take a card from the top of the “Sound Off” pile, tell you the subject noted on the card, you then have 30 seconds to talk on that subject. Your aim is to mention the 6 key words or phrases printed on the card. Money is gained for each word mentioned.

Sound Off Example
Sound Off Subject: CRICKET
Key words/phrases worth £6 each if mentioned


Give or Take

How much a cabbie earns on a shift is a combination of luck and knowledge. The knowledge is sometimes the easy part. The luck, like the throw of a dice, can come down to:

  • choosing to turn left or right,
  • getting the £5 fare or the £50 fare,
  • receiving a generous tip or no tip.
  • mechanical breakdown,
  • traffic jams,
  • cab inspections or
  • unruly passengers

All these can have a significant impact on your final, end of shift takings.

Land on one of the “Give or Take” squares and, before you look at the content written on the card, it’s up to you to decide whether you keep this card or pass it to a fellow player. You can win or lose money with these cards.

Give or Take Examples


Fare boxes

The general “Fare boxes” are worth various amounts. Land on one of these and the meter starts running, you collect the amount shown and continue to throw the dice. Your fare ends when you next land on any square that is not a ‘Fare Box’.

The winner

Unlike many board games, that can go on all night, Taxi is played for a pre-determined length of time, i.e. 1 hour or 2 hours. The time chosen is the length of the shift. The winner of the game is the player who has earned the most money at the end of the shift.

Taxi! is a box full of fun and knowledge!

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